Essential Spices By Cuisine

Indian Spices

  • Turmeric: Offers a vibrant yellow color and a warm, bitter taste. 
  • Cumin: Nutty and warming, crucial for curry powders. 
  • Cardamom: Sweet and aromatic, used in both sweet and savory dishes. 
  • Coriander: Offers a lemony citrus flavor when crushed. 
  • Mustard Seeds: Adds a pungent kick to pickles and curries. 

Middle Eastern Spices

  • Sumac: Tangy and lemony, perfect for salads and meats. 
  • Za’atar: A blend that includes thyme, sumac, and sesame. 
  • Cumin: Ground into stews and soups. 
  • Cardamom: Aromatic and intense, used in coffee and desserts. 
  • Saffron: Luxurious and subtle, often used in rice dishes. 

Italian Herbs and Spices

  • Basil: Sweet and fragrant, essential for pesto. 
  • Oregano: Bold and earthy, often used in tomato sauces. 
  • Rosemary: Piney aroma, great with grilled meats. 
  • Thyme: Subtle and dry, perfect for soups and stews. 
  • Garlic Powder: Convenient and mellow alternative to fresh garlic. 

Mexican Spices

  • Chili Powder: A blend that provides heat and depth. 
  • Cumin: Earthy base note in many Latin dishes. 
  • Coriander: Bright and citrusy, used in salsas and marinades. 
  • Oregano: A more robust variant than its Mediterranean cousin. 
  • Paprika: Adds color and sweetness.